Creating sustainable and innovative products, sourcing new ways of improving production procedures and developing the newest technologies is what’s on offer when considering a career in the Hort Technology sector.

Consider a career in AgriTech if you are interested in:

Sustainable food production
Developing food and drink products
Using innovation to drive mechanical production procedures
Robotics and Automation

Potential Careers include:

Food technologist

Real Note
50-75k per year

Food technologists research, develop and improve food and drink products. They are also involved in the processing, packaging, storage and safety of food to meet government and industry standards.

Biosecurity officer

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49-51k per year

Biosecurity officers check areas of land for harmful animals or plants and arrange for, or help with, pest destruction and control. They also control the entry of horticultural produce, plants and animals into New Zealand.

Mechatronics engineer

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80-120k per year

Mechatronics is robot technology that combines electronics, computer programming and mechanical engineering.

Aeroplane pilot

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50-190k per year

Aeroplane pilots in the horticulture industry fly aircrafts to transport goods and to aerially spread fertiliser or bait.