The science and art of producing food is fun, rewarding and challenging. The seed of this growing industry begins with this sector. Be a part of tackling problems, creating ideas to improve sustainability, plant genetics and growing systems, that will impact food production around the globe.

Consider a career in Horti Science if you are interested in:

Growing food to meet population increase
Plant Science
Feeding the world with fresh, healthy, sustainable food.

Potential Careers include:


Real Note
55-85k per year

Agronomists analyse soils, pastures and crops and provide advice to growers for improved production systems.

Horticulture scientist

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65-75k per year

Horticulture scientists study soils, pastures and crops to improve growth, health and quality, and to prevent pests and disease.


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42-75k per year

Biotechnologists use their knowledge of living things to develop new animal or plant products such as medicines and pest-resistant crops.

Horticulture Technician

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45-65k per year

Horticulture technicians perform tests and experiments, and provide technical support to assist horticultural scientists in areas such as research, production, servicing and marketing.

Environmental engineer

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45-75k per year

Environmental engineers assess the impact of engineering projects on water, soil, air and noise levels, and advise and design ways to minimise this impact.