HortNZ Industry Trainee Scholarships

Closing date: 11pm, 5 March 2022

Every year, HortNZ offers scholarships for New Zealand students and trainees who have an interest in the fruit or vegetable industry and are studying towards a certificate or diploma.

HortNZ is offering 30 scholarships in 2022, each worth $500.  Applications are due in March, reviewed by a panel in April with the selection decision advised in May.

For any queries, please email schols@hortnz.co.nz

“We’ve met a lot of industry professionals and they’ve given us an insight into the industry and how they’ve got to where they are.”

“Horticulture for me is an industry that is growing so rapidly. That rapid growth really allows for opportunities for young individuals like myself.”


Postgraduate scholarships 2022

Closing date: 11pm, 10 December 2021

$10,000 HortNZ Postgraduate Scholarship 

This Scholarship is available to people undertaking postgraduate study in horticulture or related fields. It is being offered to people undertaking higher study to support the innovation critical to the industry’s future success.

$10,000 NZ Fruitgrowers’ Charitable Trust Postgraduate Scholarship 

This Scholarship is available to people undertaking postgraduate study specifically related to the fruit industry.

Both scholarships will receive an all-inclusive professional development program including travel, accommodation, and registration to the 2022 Horticulture New Zealand Conference worth $1500. Scholars are given workshops, professional development opportunities, networking invitations, and exposure to renowned leaders and speakers from the horticulture industry.

$500 Industry Training Scholarships

These scholarships are available to industry trainees studying towards a certificate or diploma.  They provide assistance and acknowledge the achievements of those studying and working at the same time. Applications for Industry Trainee Scholarships will open on the 20th of January 2022.

Zespri Horticulture Scholarships

Zespri is providing up to $10,000 towards tuition fees for two outstanding current university students to support their studies towards a career in the horticulture industry. This could include degrees in science, management, marketing, nutrition or business for example. The scholarship also includes opportunities to be involved with the kiwifruit industry. Applications for the 2021 Zespri Horticultural Scholarships have now closed.

HBFA Scholarships

Hawke’s Bay Fruitgrowers’ Charitable Trust in conjunction with the New Zealand Fruitgrowers’ Charitable Trust provides funding towards three horticulture scholarship courses:

Horticulture Level 3  or 4 Scholarships
Horticulture Diploma Scholarships
Horticulture Degree Scholarships

Applications are now open and students can apply online here. Application forms must be submitted no later than 5pm, 30 November.

GrowingNZ Scholarship Directory

Please see – https://www.growingnz.org.nz/scholarships.php