Sam Tietjan

On Orchard / Orchard Manager – Braemark Vyd


School: King’s College

Training Institute: Otago Polytechnic – BEngTech (Mech)

Current Employment: Orchard Manager – Braemark Vyd

I am one of the 4th generation to grow up on our family land in Gisborne. I went off to boarding school in Auckland and then on to study engineering at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be involved in the horticultural industry at that stage.

I went overseas for a year through South, Central and Northern America and Europe. Travelling and working. I always had dreams of working for myself and having time to work on my own projects.

Coming back to the orchard after my overseas trip made me realise how good growing fruit and vegetables is. There is a strong connection between horticulture and engineering so I get the best of both worlds. Being on the orchard gives me opportunities to try new things. Whether it is trying to grow new products, developing new growing systems or marketing and selling produce in new ways.

It is exciting fun and there is so much variety in not only the day to day work but jobs in the industry. All the people I have met who are involved in growing fruit and vegetables are awesome and very happy to pass on knowledge. It is a good time to be a young person in horticulture.