Megan Fox

Horti-Technology / Orchard Technical Advisor, Southern Cross Horticulture


Current Employment: Orchard Technical Advisor, Southern Cross Horticulture

I love working in the kiwifruit industry because there is a huge network of supportive people both within my workplace, and externally, that are always willing to lend a hand or impart valuable knowledge.

Further, it is an exciting industry to be a part of as there are a lot of opportunities to move laterally across the industry as well as huge potential to move up very quickly. Currently we are planting 700ha per year of G3, and the average orchard manager is managing 50ha, meaning we need to hire 14 new orchard managers every year to help with our growth- the demand for skilled labour is huge.

I would recommend anyone to consider entering the kiwifruit industry to gain access to some amazing career opportunities!