Growing and producing the finest quality produce in the world is no small feat. NZ growers are known for exceptional quality, using front edge technology to provide a product that can feed the growing population, but also producing these foods in a way that is not harmful to the environment. A career on orchard is rewarding, with many opportunities and career progression.

Consider a career in ‘Production’ if you are interested in:

Growing premium NZ produce
Soils Management
Nutrition & Water Utilisation
Fruit Production

Potential Careers include:

Orchard/Crop manager

Real Note
55-150k per year

Responsible for the orchard/commercial vegetable garden in its entirety. Establishing goals and plans to reach targets. Also responsible for budgets and securing enough resources to meet the needs of the orchard/commercial vegetable garden. A critical part of this role is staff management.

Assistant manager

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42-53k per year

Assist with the planning and implementation of the day-to-day activities on the orchard/commercial vegetable garden. Accountable for performance, staff schedules and ensuring all policies and plans are adhered to.

Compliance manager

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40-65k per year

Responsible for the orchard/commercial vegetable garden’s sustainability initiatives, ensuring it meets requirements of NZGAP or other Food Quality Programs. Implement requirements to fulfill Quality Assurance Programs. Liaise with orchard manager and staff.

Leading hand supervisor

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40-50k per year

Specialised plant husbandry, grafting, irrigation/fertigation, frost protection. Completing tasks unsupervised. Has ability to oversee duties of staff and report back to managers.

Orchard worker

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35-45k per year

Assists with the day-to-day tasks of onorchard/commercial vegetable garden planting, harvesting & plant care.