Horticulture Career Progression Managers
Te Ara Mahi



A network of six managers working across New Zealand to increase the number of people pursuing careers in horticulture, so the industry can continue to grow and prosper.


Our chief role is to link work ready people with horticulture employers, by acting as the interface between people, our industry, schools and tertiary education and training providers, and government agencies.

We promote horticulture careers by getting young people at secondary school or people already in the workforce to see potential in our diverse and vibrant industry.

We help young people decide on the training that is right for them and work out their training pathway.

We help young people find the right employer for them – employers who can offer on-job training and career mentoring.

We work with employers, helping them anticipate and meet skill needs, and provide them with work ready people.

We work with schools and tertiary education and training providers so that they meet our industry’s needs by staying up to date with requirements.

The Career Progression Manager network is supported with funding from the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund and the New Zealand Fruitgrowers Charitable Trust.

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