Feeding the global population comes with its tricks and trades. A career in horticulture business can see you working on international trade floors, marketing and selling premium innovative new products, dealing with supply and logistics for fresh produce and by-products. Horticulture business professionals also provide a range of services (advisors/accountants/developers) to orchardists.

Consider a career in AgriBusiness if you are interested in:

Supply Chain Management
International Relations
Agri Business

Potential Careers include:

Horticulture field representative

Real Note
55-90k per year

Horticultural field representatives sell products such as farm equipment and advise clients on crop management.

Horticulture consultant

Real Note
85-150k per year

Horticultural consultants advise farmers, growers and organisations on business, production and land management solutions.


Real Note
37-75k per year

Importers/exporters plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the operations of an importing or exporting business.

Supply chain and logistics manager

Real Note
65-90k per year

Supply chain managers promote the design, development and implementation of warehouse distribution. They organise the storage and distribution of goods and provide logistics solutions.